Florida Vintage Backyard Wedding: Callie & Daniel

Callie and Daniel transformed her parent's backyard into the perfect intimate setting for their wedding.  It’s the home her and her siblings grew up in, and is nestled on acres surrounded by tall trees in Cape Coral, Florida.   So many of the details they incorporated had sentimental value - Daniel’s ring was his grandfather's and underneath the ceremony arch covered in vines are the monkey bars where the Callie used to play as a child.  Family was the anchor to their details.  I absolutely loved how they placed their family’s wedding photos so beautifully on an antique dresser draped with greenery with wine colored blooms.  The most magical moment by far, was the wish lantern send off at the end of the night!  The DJ played "Multiplied" by Need to Breath as the guest lit their lanterns and send them off into the night sky, along with their best wishes for Callie and Daniel.