St. Pete, Dali Museum Elopement: Lauren & Chris

 Lauren first met Chris when he was making deliveries at her work.  She knew she had to approach him to go on their first date and once they did they were inseparable.  Chris only had 5 days of leave from the Navy where he was stationed in Greenland to get married, over the Thanksgiving weekend.  They both love the artist Salvador Dali and visiting the museum.  They knew the Wishing Tree would be the perfect place to say "I Do" with their close friends by their side. The museum made a special allowance for them to be married there and I'm so glad they did, because the tree streaming with ribbons was just beautiful.  I thought her bouquet was so unique, she purchased it from Etsy already dried out, along with his boutonniere.  This way it's ready to keep for always.  I also loved the good sequins wrapped around the base, such a cute detail.  After the ceremony, Lauren and Chris both wrote a wish for their future on a paper secretly and pinned it to the ribbons.  The tree carries the fondest hopes and wishes from all the visitors, which goes back to Hindu and Scottish rites traditions.  Can't get more romantic than that.