Rehearsal Dinner: The Night Before The Big Day

The night before the wedding is filled with anticipation, excitement and relief that the day you spent planning for months was now finally happening!  Your close family and friends gather to eat, drink and find out where they will be standing, how they walk down the aisle and hope they don't forget it by tomorrow.  If only your part in it was that simple, right?

What I can tell you after being witness to different types of weddings is that they all have one thing in common... You all want to remember every moment of it, but its going by so fast.  There are so many moments happening at all stages of the process and the rehearsal dinner is definitely one of them.  This is one of those times where your going to get all your family and friends in one room.  So taking candids at the rehearsal dinner is really about all of them as well.  Some of my favorite memories is when I'm around my family and friends, and looking through those photo albums years later.






After the wedding rehearsal at the Peterson-Dumesnil House in Louisville, Kentucky, Virginia and Brandon continued the celebration with a dinner at a family friend's private home.   I loved the southern family greeting I received! The home was on a horse farm and was such a gorgeous place at sunset.


 What's better than sharing Italian food and wine along with family and friends?  Here's a few from the night before Jeannie & Shawron's wedding day.  They had their rehearsal dinner at Carmine's in West Palm Beach.